Business Interruption Insurance Lawyer | Orlando, Florida

business interruption insurance lawyer orlando florida

Business Interruption Insurance Lawyer | Orlando, Florida

Are you a Florida business owner who needs to utilize your business interruption insurance, due to covid-19 / coronavirus business losses?  We are business interruption lawyers for covid-19 & coronavirus related claims.

Covid – 19 Business Interruption Insurance Claims Will Depend On Policy Language

Whether you can recover from your policy depends largely on the specific insurance policy language.  We are in the process of trying to evaluate which company policies will allow recovery, and which will not.

Business interruption insurance policy coverage depends, to a very great extent, on the exact policy language, including the definition of covered losses, as well as the usually long list of exclusions, definitions, and disclaimers.  We are highly skilled at reviewing insurance policies in all contexts.  If there is a possibility that your policy might cover your losses (which, in many cases, it should), then we will recover the maximum amount possible for you.

Please Do Not Speak To Your Insurance Adjuster Before Calling Us, If Possible!

If you already have your business insurance policy, then we may need to review your policy.  If not, we do not currently recommend that you attempt to file any business interruption claim yourself, because insurance adjusters are trained to get information that can hurt your future claim.

For example, the adjuster may ask you questions related to what losses you’ve incurred, what steps you’ve taken to mitigate your losses, what steps you are planning in the future, whether you have attempted to receive a “PPP” (Paycheck Protection Program) loan, from the small business administration, and the like.  It is NOT advisable for you to answer those questions without the guidance of a lawyer, who has reviewed your policy, to determine what might harm or lower your claim value.

From the beginning of processing your claim, ideally, you will have a lawyer speaking on your behalf.  We can’t overstate the importance of not answering questions on your own.  So it is very important that you contact us ASAP, to determine whether we might be able to help.

That being said, we DO want & need you to contact your insurance agent or broker.  This is the person who sold you the policy.  And ask that person for a certified, electronic copy of the entirety of ALL of your business policies.  We will need you to email that document to us, for our review.  We cannot consider your case unless you have a copy of the policy.

What If You Have Already Called Your Insurance Company, Regarding Your Coronavirus Business Interruption Claim?

If you have already called your insurance company, then we still should be able to help.  That just depends on what you told them, and whether the call was recorded.

This Situation Is Evolving; Please Check Back On This Page For Updated Information on Covid-19 Business Interruption Claims.

We are still learning more about what will be involved in Covid-19 business interruption claims & lawsuits.  The situation is rapidly unfolding and somewhat fluid.  We will update this page as we learn more information. We are based in Orlando, Florida, and licensed in both Florida & Georgia.  At this time, we are considering cases in both of those states.

Free Business Interruption Claim Consultations

Our consultations are free. Because these cases depend entirely on the language in your policy, we need you to email the policy, and some other basic information, before we can determine whether we can help.

So the fastest way for us to evaluate your case is to send an email to, with the following information:

  • Name & address of business
  • Your phone number & position in company
  • Date established
  • Estimated net and gross profit over the last 3 years
  • Estimated losses as a result of Covid-19
  • Basic explanation about what services you provide, or products you sell
  • Number of employees
  • Do you expect a downturn in profits as a result of covid-19 / coronavirus? Do you think the government shutdown, or actual sickness, caused your loss of profits?
  • Do you fear that you will you be forced out of business?
  • WE MUST RECEIVE AN ELECTRONIC COPY OF ALL OF YOUR BUSINESS INSURANCE POLICIES — we cannot consider your case unless you have a copy of your policy. You can get this by calling your insurance agent or broker, and asking for a certified, electronic copy of all of your policies.  Your broker or agent should be able to provide your policy within a few hours or days, at the most.

If we think we might be able to help, then we will reply to your email with further instructions, or additional questions, typically within 1 business day.

Our fee is contingent on recovering money for you, and we cover all related costs. If we recover nothing, you pay nothing.

We invite you to read more about our background and qualifications here.

We will be updating this website with new information we learn about business interruption insurance policy law, as it develops.  This is an evolving situation, and area of the law.  We are staying on the cutting edge by attending legal seminars, and consulting with other lawyers handling these cases across the state of Florida.  So please check back for further updates.